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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you like the Art that you are seeing and I would love any feedback on either the artwork or the site itself just, email me at Check out the new category in the shop (Cards) where I've a full range of A5 cards of prints of my work

Artist of the Month

For the rest of this month you can see a range of watercolor prints and Acrylic originals in the Surgery at Stuart house in Liskeard where I am displaying as artist of the month

Stuart house artist on the month

Christmas Donkey

Donkey in the snow

This is the Third of my donkeys, part of my Christmas card theme package. A tiny donkey foal curled up against the cold desperately trying to wriggle down into the warm straw.

He's available in the shop as an original and will soon be in the cards section. I can't wait to get him out there.

Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies

Here's my new masterpiece. I'm producing a new range of Christmas greetings cards and he's the second. The original is up for sale in the originals section. I've already had some enquiries on my Facebook page about him. Both he and the snow Donkey are at my current exhibition at Stuart House in Liskeard

New Venues

I am now showing the full range of my cards and a selection of framed prints at the Curious Art Market in Falmouth at:

A Curious Hall, 13-14 Webber Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3AU,

You can catch their Facebook page here:

and see the very interesting range of artists offering their work

Donkey in the snow

Original and Cards

Here's my latest new work. I'm producing a new range of Christmas greetings cards and hes the first. He's off to the printers for scanning on Monday then the original will pop up for sale in the originals section. I've already had some enquiries on my Facebook page about him.

I think the next will be another donkey interacting with a Robin

Flip seal underwater


New to the site is a (Cornish seal) a beautiful little seal underwater, visit my blog to see how he was born

Suzy Art Blog

He's living in the Originals section of the shop if you want to take him home.

I love dreamy animal and nature inspired themes and am about to produce a new series of works inspired by Cornish legends of mermaids and myths which have some foundation in my existing body of work as you can see throughout the website.

Sea hourse by Suzy Billing-Mountain

Underwater Themes

Underwater themes have always been important to me and this little seahorse was taken from a picture I took in Florida. At the time of making this I had been creating my first mermaids and had used sea horses as a detail but decided to focus on this little creature instead.

Cornish Mermaid by Suzy Billing-Mountain

Dreamy Mermaids

This dreamy Mermaid was originally an idea for a bookmark but as the work progressed it developed it's own character and was eventually named Morwenna. It's a mixed media canvas with some wonderful gold and bronze tones in the flowing hairy

Snow Hares watercolour by Suzy Billing-Mountain

Winter Fantasy

Winter and snow just seems to be a reoccurring theme in my pictures of animals in the wild. These hares snuffling in the snow makes me want to turn up the heat as I look out the window at home.

Some of my recent commissions

Please Email me if you want to commission an artwork on my contact page

Little foxes Acrylic canvas by Suzy Billing-Mountain
Commision by Suzy Billing-Mountain
hare and the moon a commision by Suzy Billing-Mountain
Commision by Suzy Billing-Mountain
New Born Calf a commision by Suzy Billing-Mountain