About Me

As a child I was enthralled by nature, insects, wild animals, flowers, fairies, sea creatures, not much has changed. I have been painting since 2001, I love painting with anything that will make a mark. Watercolour, papers, pastels, inks, ink sticks, oil pastels, pencils, printing with leaves, through sequin scrim, delicate painting with watercolour, knifing on acrylic, I just love experimentation. My main subjects are animals, flowers and a mystical undersea world of mermaids and sea creatures. I studied at Saltash Colledge and a BA HONS Degree at Plymouth University. Art was born for me as a rehabilitation from serious illness. It is so therapeutic, you can lose yourself in it.

When I am making a picture, I have to connect with the subject, my head has to climb into the picture and become part of the story I am trying to tell. I hope this shows in the outcome.

Seals underwater Watercolour
Suzy Billing-Moutain


Is the creative mind of our studio 


Bill is the IT Elf and all round help

Bella and Pip Art dogs

Bella and PIP

Bella is the loud old matriarch and faithful house mother (she used to guard our chickens at our last house) Pip is the Lapdog ideal for keeping you warm when the nip sets in at the studio both are key members of the team.

Sadly we lost our beautiful Bella Boo, she was 13 and developed cancer. We gave her a great life and a kind end. Missed by all.

My story

When my children were small I dabbled in pencil and pastels. I always found art a calming influence. I had a real itch to try watercolour but never seemed to have the time to take a course or learn how to do it. Twenty years ago I left my home town and made the move to Cornwall. Being new to the area and not having great health, I decided to try out this watercolour lark. It was not strenuous and I would meet new people. My passion with colour had begun. I very soon graduated to mixed media, finding excitement in anything that made a mark, whipping paper with branches dipped in paint, blowing bubbles in ink tinted soapy water, printing with leaves, ripping hand made papers and putting them in the picture, scraping thick acrylic over paper, canvas, using newspaper, printing through sequin scrim, anything and everything to experiment. I did a BTEC at Saltash College and a BA Hons Fine Art Degree at Plymouth University, sadly bad health reared its head again I had to leave after passing the first year. Again I collapsed and had a scary stay in hospital, I came out the other side so back to the easel, I enjoy my subjects, I am surrounded by the beautiful Cornish countryside, the wildlife, the flowers, the sea. I am truly blessed. I have a furtive imagination and when I am working on a piece, I feel like I almost climb inside as I connect and build my subject on the paper. So out of a bad deal of illness, I now live my life carefully, but surrounded by beauty, doing the thing I love, my children are all grown and married to local people and my grandchildren are growing up in this beautiful place.

Three years ago I found a new medium in acrylic fluid art. I am passionate about it and it is selling very well. I have devoted all my time in learning different techniques and paint mixes that go with them. I specialise in resin finished pieces that dazzle the eye.