Fluid Art Workshop

Below is the latest video on YouTube from one of my Fluid Art Workshops

On the left are Chris and Chris just getting set .up in the messy studio

Exciting news.....

I’ve been very quiet on the website for some time now but now all is to be revealed. I’ve been exploring a new medium!

Last year I was sitting on the shoreline in Looe, watching the waves gently kissing the beach, I was mesmerised by the water, foam, shells, stones, rock texture, the whole thing so relaxing and tranquil. How do you capture that? After some investigation I saw a demonstration of Acrylic fluid art and it just blew my mind, a whole new stream of ideas and passion flowed through me, I hadn't been this excited for many a year and so for months I’ve lived, practised, dreamed and explored this new medium. I had to construct a whole new studio in Callington in my husband’s business premises just to accommodate the sheer size and mess that this art form makes (the main work table (1800x600mm) and the drying tables, racks and heat chambers and spray area that is required to make work like this. Plus a whole load of new art materials.

BUT I’m here at last. Now having learned to create fabulous fluid pours which I amalgamated with my own animal/fantasy art to create a whole new style of embellished Fluid Artwork.

Here is some of the work that this hybrid style has created:

Putting together a body of work for a show has been fun, but every time someone visits the studio they seem to leave with a freshly finished piece, it’s been a crazy time. In the open studios in May I put two pictures in the living room, I like to look at them for a while, I like to reflect on them whilst I decide if it is finished? When a visitor walked in and said she just had to have them both. Which was amazing, especially as I had a call from the Gallery that morning to say the big 'Mesmeration of the Sea' painting had just sold.

This lead to visitors asking how it’s done and that lead to me running workshops at my new 'messy work' studio in Callington

Heres a link to you tube which will have some video of one of the Workshops that I have run


I offer workshops at the Callington studio. Due to Covid 19 I put a hold on these, however I feel on a 1 to 1 basis with masks and gloves and the work table apart I would consider taking bookings again. Please contact me for more details or to book a session.

The course price is £50.00 . That includes a 12 x 12" canvas and all the materials to produce your own piece of original arr. Your painting will be dry in about 3 weeks, I will give it 2 coats of lacquer and it will be ready to collect.,,

This method of painting develops naturally, it continues to change until the paint starts to set. That is the surprise of the finished piece.

The course covers the following:

  • Health and safety
  • Setting up your work area
  • Materials
  • Colours
  • How to mix your paints
  • Preparing your canvas
  • Pouring your paints
  • Manipulation of paint
  • Talk on finishing your canvas

This should give you a full idea of the course, you'll need to bring an apron of some sort as it is very messy. Have a think of some of the colours you may like to incorporate, I suggest four colours and a black or a white.

Email: suzy@suzybm.art

Telephone: 07966525022

Studio refit.

Well at long last the garden studio is getting an update. I've re purposed the IT ELF as the building ELF and he's beavering away at the bottom of the garden won't be long now until I'm in my new cosy paint haven.

Greedy me, I now have two studios, the polite one in the garden and the messy studio in Callington. I must admit, I spend most days there now. Bill is a gem, he is just installing a gallery space in there for me as I am taking place in the South Tamar Art Trail with lots of other amazing artists. With Open Studios being postponed this year due to the virus ( I decided not to take part in the end as I was being very cautious).It is the first time I have been able to demonstrate my techniques and show my work. South Tamar Art Trail 14th - 22nd November 2020. 1B Stamps Industrial Estate, Rising Sun, Callington PL17 8JE . I will be open 12.00 - 4.30 each day. I have produced some beautiful pieces especially for this event, at affordable prices. Just wonderful to have a piece of original art in your home. Or an ideal Christmas present. Starting at £35 for a 20 x 20 4cm box canvas sealed in two coats of art resin.


New, Owl by Night

Do you ever sit and listen to the sounds of the night, I am especially lucky as my home is flanked by trees, the owls calling each other in the trees and fields, this thought inspired me to create this piece of work. A full moon, the owl resting on a fence post listening out for a rustle in the field, the sound of a meal. Acrylic paint, thick and buttery, spread with a knife, ink pencils and opalescent sheen create texture and atmosphere. I hope you like him.

Hes available in the shop (Originals)

Owl By Night Acrylic mixed media by suzy billing-Mountain

Stuart House Exhibition

Just Finished setting up for a 2 week Exhibition at Stuart House in Liskeard

I've gone for a underwater theme showing Mermaids, Sea Horses and Beach Water Babies

The show opens Tuesday the 29th of May and carries on until the 2nd of June.

Sunday 15th April 2018

Cornish Seal, A Mixed Media seal underwater. Another underwater theme you can Buy him in the originals section of the shop

Cornish SEAL underwater

I decided I wanted to work on a big piece this time and chose a long canvas

with the initial idea of a seabed with weed and a mermaid. Sometimes it just

doesn't work for you and I fiddled and faffed about but just wasn't happy

with the composition, the whole thing was just not right.

The beauty of acrylic paint is that if you don't like what you are doing,

you can quite easily with a bit of white paint start again. I was flicking

through some reference ideas and decided I still wanted to do an underwater

scene and as I had gained much pleasure from a huge watercolour I made of

seals some time ago, the one I can't find since our house move three years

ago, I would have a go at a little Cornish seal.

It was going to be a good day, the sun was shining, yes shining and I could

paint outside! Using a big hake brush and a lot of different blues, greens

and purples I swished paint on that canvas so freely, my goodness the sun

dries the paint up quickly, note to self, get a water spray to keep the

palette from drying out too quickly.

I wanted to get a very organic look to the weed in the corner of the picture

so I pulled a branch off my rosemary bush and dragged and swooshed it through the paint on my plate and then whipped the canvass with it, I got exactly what I was hoping for.

I drew out the seal in white pastel pencil, the squirrels and pheasants that

feed on the patio are not impressed with this outdoor painting lark and just

want me to finish! After blocking the little seal in, I like to work on the

eyes, that way the creature becomes 'real' to me, detailing is the next step

and I work many times on the piece until I get the result I want.

Little chap done, I now want to get some sea foliage going, I mark out where

I want the plant to go with a white pastel and using PVA glue mixed with

water, start putting tissue paper in and building the plant up in bits and

pieces. I love the way the tissue can be pushed and moulded to where you

choose. While it was wet I added some ink stick to give some definition and


I hope you like him, he is 1200 x 400mm in size.

Here's the Cornish seal as a work in progress you can see where I blocked out the Mermaid that I changed my mind on before continuing with the lower weeds and the whipped paint

now the seal is actually added as I draw in the little seal and detail him then I add the texture of the vertical weed with paper before colouring it

Monday 9th April

How it went.

Well its been a busy week the Art show was great fun and I enjoyed meeting both the Public as well as the other Artists. I especially enjoyed painting in a public space and the involvement of the visitors (thanks Lucy!). Whilst my first real show (no stage fright) I'm already looking forward to the next one

For the next 2 weeks I will still be showing Stuart House (9th April until the 21st of April but this time at a craft show). All of the work from the last show will be there but I'm adding in my craft work as well. I will be manning (should that be womaning) the show on the 10th and the 17th between 12:30 and 3:30pm come along and seen all the great work by the crafter's and have a cup of tea and a chat with me.

The IT Elf has been busy and lots more of my work is now on the site including A5 card's of most of my paintings, if you buy the in packs of 5 they are much cheaper. If you want a mix just order the Mix pack and list in a separate email the card's you want and the Elf will arrange it all.

Much love, Suzy x

Tuesday 27 March

Persephone at Stuart House

Here she is in all her glory at Stuart House finished signed and ready to leave home. She's up with the story of her birth and has attracted lots of attention from visitors. Better come and see her before she leaves for a new home

I started painting a new mermaid at the exhibition and had various people arrive and show interest which is always exciting and encouraging.

A lovely lady spent about an hour with me, I was telling her how I got the various effects and we had a wonderful time. My IT Elf had asked me to document this piece from first sketch through each stage of building up the painting. Oops.... We had had such fun and excitement painting and demonstrating that I suddenly realised I hadn't taken one picture. We had quite a laugh about how caught up in things we had been. This is the Lady Lucy, I have called the Mermaid after her, thanks Lucy you made my day.

Lucy mermaid lady and suzy billin-moutain

We didn't quite finish Lucy at Stuart House so I took her home with me to complete her. This is how she came out.... The picture is an uncorrected scan and I will update the blog with an image where you can see the real Lucy. Shes now with the printer to be corrected and there will be cards of her available late next week. If you want to see her in the flesh I will try to get her back on Tuesday and display her at the exhibition at Stuart House where you can buy her if you wish.

I will be at the exhibition all day on Saturday the 31st. If you want to come and talk to me about my work or possibly join in I plan to be starting a new piece... come and join the fun

Monday 26 March 2018

Stuart House Art Exhibition

Well its open...... I decided to bring my unfinished painting Persephone with me (my new Mermaid) and work on her in my display area. If you look at the pictures below you can get a good idea of what the whole show looks like. I will be back at the exhibition again tomorrow between 10:30 and 3:00 pm if you want to talk about any of the artwork or just put the world to rights.

I did manage to finish Persephone (scroll down to see how) and will have her up on display tomorrow come and see her.....

Stuart House art exibition


When I decided to paint this piece I wanted to get the wow factor with the hair. I sourced a face with an expression I found interesting. Initially I sketch out the face. I start by painting a rough mixture of sea colours around the face. I like to work energetically and freely wet paint on wet paint, mixing on the canvass. I start to work on the face but only to a basic degree as until the hair is finished I don't know how much or little to do. On the left is a picture reference that had a face that I loved as a starting point from that I Sketched her out in pencil and then roughed the back ground and her hair in Acrylic a good start but the painting is very flat and lifeless

Time to stop and prop the canvas up where I can look at it as I go about the day, I have lots of ideas and try to work on areas that I am not happy with in my mind. Time to make a few adjustments to the face, definitely not happy with the expression, start to add a few contours but don't want to do too much as when the hair is in she will look different again. The hair I put in with different acrylic paints, using a knife, flat and metallic colours until I feel it is enough.

At this point a visitor and her daughter helped me with adding tissue paper to her hair to achieve a better texture

Flat colours first and then the metallic paints. I then start adding tissue papers, they lend themselves to this kind of work as their colours don't run, I rip loads up into strips and add them with a PVA/water mix.I added some glitter, just a bit for now.


Bearing in mind she is a mermaid and she is living at the bottom of the sea, her hair would be full of 'stuff' I have added a bit of coral colour by printing with a Christmas tree sprig, just a few marks to give the impression she has some in her hair. Again I will put her aside and just look at her to see if anything pops into my head to add or change. I decided to use some Inktense sticks to add some shaping to her face and put some tissue paper in her lips and painted it with a diluted wash of coral acrylic whilst the paper was still wet, adding texture. I wet some of the ink stick marks to spread them about a bit, finally I added some glitter to her face to give her a dreamy look.

I'm going to display her tomorrow at Stuart House with a description of how she was made. She will be on sale if your interested. Time willing I will be starting a new piece of art so please visit me and join in

Sunday 25th March 2018

I've just got back from setting up my first real exhibition at Stuart House in Liskeard. We were 2nd there, Alan Kingwell was just tidying up as we arrived and his pictures looked stunning his style is so atmospheric. I'm showing framed prints which we have just had produced by Steve and Ed at KitzKatz and once on the wall the white frames really made the pictures. Another exhibitor Pat Thuysbaert arrived as we were finishing and was also setting up Richard Jenkins work for him. Once I looked at the finished display I think the Arabian Nights were the most striking in this setup. I am also offering a complete selection of cards from this show. Also cards of two mermaids that we are waiting framed prints of, I was a little concerned that one of the mermaids might be a little too risque.....

I'm going to preview both these mermaids next week on my new website (www.suzybm.art) so tell me what you think. The show kicks off tomorrow at 10:30 am and I will be there all day on the Monday, I am hoping to be there on Tuesday the 27th and Saturday 31st. The opening days for the exhibition have changed over Easter and it will now be open on Good Friday and closed on Easter Monday

I will with help of the IT Elf post some pictures tomorrow of the whole show so you see the other artists work

Friday 23rd March 2018

This is my first attempt at a blog so please be gentle with me. I intend to use this to show the development and process that I use when producing one of my works. I will talk about what I'm doing and putting up pictures of the work in progress and maybe some video if my IT elf is up to it. I'm working on a new Mermaid right now and will be putting up its progress soon. For anyone who wants to see my work I'm in a collaborative exhibition at Stuart Hose in Liskeard from the 23rd of February you can see the details on my facebook page