(Cornish seal) A Seal swimming underwater Original Mixed media by Suzy Billing-Mountain


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Cornish Seal 1200mm by 400mm

An original painting (Mixed media) by Suzy Billing-Mountain

I decided I wanted to work on a big piece this time and chose a long canvas

with the initial idea of a seabed with weed and a mermaid. Sometimes it just

doesn't work for you and I fiddled and faffed about but just wasn't happy

with the composition, the whole thing was just not right.

The beauty of acrylic paint is that if you don't like what you are doing,

you can quite easily with a bit of white paint start again. I was flicking

through some reference ideas and decided I still wanted to do an underwater

scene and as I had gained much pleasure from a huge watercolour I made of

seals some time ago, the one I can't find since our house move three years

ago, I would have a go at a little Cornish seal. My BLOG page shows how he was born